The boss introduced me to his staff at the meeting.
We have paid particular attention to this subject.
I was conscious that they were laughing at me behind my back, but I ignored it.
I wanted to yell at him but managed to hold it back.
Watch out!)
That's a trap!)
Bob shouted to Lisa.
I was mad at him because he got in my way on purpose.
Apparently he fell in love with the clerk at first sight.
An elderly man sat next to joe and stared at him for a while.
You can tell at a glance which one is genuine.
Before going into details, let's take a quick look at the summary.
I'm looking for an apartment.
Since I'm single, anything will do for now.
Nick never gives us a hand without asking for something in return.
The police are searching for a man who escaped from prison.
If you don't apply for the job, you'll regret it.
Individual rights have been sacrificed for what is called the common good.
They can no longer take those privileges for granted.
The officer was offended when he was mistaken for a thief.
EC Stands for "Electronic commerce."
Bob lacks confidence because Lisa keeps on rejecting him.
I've got to concentrate on what's going on now.
(「電子商取引」のためのEC Stands。)
I'm afraid their relationship won't last forever.
We need your constant support to continue our research.
Your judgment must be based on reason, not on prejudice.
I bet you'll be disappointed if you count on them.
Whether you get promoted or not depends on your performance.
For the most part, japan relies on the U. S for its security.
The theme of the exhibition is, "Turn trash into treasure."
This fairy tale has been translated into several languages.
(ほとんどの場合、漆はU. Sにその保安を頼ります。)
The country is divided into three regions, each with its own distinct geography.
The plane crashed in flames, killing all the passengers and crew.
When he insulted her, she hung up the phone in anger.
This tool is convenient.
For example, it folds in half.
She dressed in pure white to stand out in the crowd.
He assured me that the Mercedes was in good condition except for a few scratches.
He was arrested on the spot for being naked in public.
We are responsible for preserving world heritage sites that are in danger.
What's the matter, Bob?)
"Can I have a word with you in private?)

She tends to define herself in terms of the approval of others.
In my opinion, not all disasters are inevitable.
His grades are neither excellent nor terrible.
In other words, they are decent.
fill out the registration form in person.
The communications revolution will affect us in both positive and negative ways.
In a sense, the strength of the U. S comes from its racial diversityA labor union plays a significant role in maintaining workers' benefits.
Actually, she's more interested in his fame than in his character.
The number of people who are engaged in agriculture is decreasing.
Unlike me, he has blind faith in religion.
(ある意味では、労働組合が労働者の利益を維持して重要な役割を演ずるその人種的な多様性Aから、U. Sの強さは、来ます。)
I believe in evil spirits.
"Don't be ridiculous!)
Internal documents revealed that the former mayor was involved in the illegal business.
I was stuck in a traffic jam





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