They didn't follow proper procedure.As a result, a tragedy occurred.
The emergency shelter has a maximum capacity of twenty people.
This vehicle runs on hydrogen, and therefore it helps reduce pollution.
He deserves credit for his great invention.
Will Japanese industries be able to remain competitive in the world?)

When it comes to imitating other cultures, Japan is second to none.
Humans resemble apes.
Does that imply we have evolved from the same ancestor?)

Most cattle are fed on grain.
He developed a unique technique for modifying genes.
All living things are composed of cells that contain a substance called DNA.
This drug is pretty popular, especially in the U.S.Do you fees like going out for a walk for a change?)

This medicine will relieve your muscle pain in no time.
Unfortunately, his cancer cannot be cured.
The physician assisted his patient in committing suicide.
Nobody can rob me of my dignity!)
he exclaimed.
He insists that whoever commits a crime must be strictly punished.
Before long, the case will be settled once and for all.
These days , stadiums are sometimes named after corporations.
He was reluctant to take on extra duties.
We have entered an era in which only the fittest can survive.
Lisa was hard at work.
Meanwhile , Bob was just hanging around.
His office is located on the third floor of the plain, five-story building.
This routine is annoying because it takes up my precious time.
He is too selfish to share any burden.
It obvious that he is driven by a desire for wealth.
Although discrimination is prohibited, it does exist to some degree.
Some occupations are still dominated by males.
As usual, he fell asleep after the meal break.
I feel nothing but frustration with my lazy colleagues.
We are looking forward to working on the project with you.
Sincerely,We can better serve our customers by improving quality.
This machine has various functions, and you can also use it overseas as well as in Japan.
This is by far the most efficient way of transferring data.
I know how to operate this equipment but I can't fix it.
Once you take it apart, you can't put it together again.
If something goes wrong with it, you can have it repaired free of charge.
These products are manufactured on a large scale.
The vast majority of people retire with little to live on.
The employees have been forced to work like slaves.
We provide a wide range of activities for senior citizens.
You determine your own destiny, after all, it's up to you.
He is not mature enough to appreciate the consequences of his actions.
We need to examine the motives behind bullying.
He suggested a moderate approach to the complicated issues.
How do you interpret this phenomenon?)
"I have no idea."
The authorities are desperate to identify the victims.
They prayed for the souls of the brave soldiers.
The crops were completely destroyed by the flood.
On the continent, a large number of people are dying of hunger



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