One day, Akira had a dream. In the dream, he was late for the train. He ran fast in the station, but he could not get on the train. Then, he woke up. Akira knew it was just a dream.

In the morning, Akira left his house to go on the train. He went to the bus stop. There, many people were waiting for the bus. Akira was worried. He thought, “Can I get on the next bus?” Then, he woke up again. It was another dream. Akira smiled and laughed.

At school, Akira had lunch with his friends. He told them about his funny dreams. They laughed together. Then he dropped his coffee cup and broke it.  Akira woke up again. The lunch with friends was a dream too.

After school, Akira wanted to tell a girl that he liked her. He went to the school roof and shouted loudly. The girl heard him and ran to him. She hit him.  This time, it was just too painful. Akira knew it was not a dream. It was real life.



学校で、アキラは友だちと昼食をとりました。アキラは友達と一緒に昼食をとり、面白い夢の話をしました。そして一緒に笑った。そして、コーヒーカップを落として割ってしまった。 アキラは再び目を覚ました。友達とのランチも夢だったのです。

放課後、アキラはある女の子に好きだと伝えたいと思った。学校の屋上に行き、大きな声を出した。それを聞いた女の子が走ってきた。そして、その女の子に殴られた。 このとき、あまりに痛かった。アキラは、これが夢でないことを知った。現実のことなのだ。