Big cat dance

There was a big cat who wanted to be slim. One day, it decided to dance in the park to lose weight. As it danced, it felt happy and healthy.

A friend cat saw the big cat dancing and came to join. They both danced together, having a good time. Every day, they met at the park to dance and play.

Soon, more cats saw them dancing and joined too. The park was full of dancing cats. They all had fun together and became friends.

The big cat thought, “Maybe our dance can be popular.” So, it decided to share their dancing on Tiktok. To make a great video, the big cat bought a new iPhone.

But, their dance did not become popular on Tiktok. The big cat was sad, and it had no money left because of the new iPhone.

Now, the big cat could not buy much food. It started to eat less and less. After a while, the big cat became slim, just like it wanted.